A Few More 4-corner Aprons

In an attempt to offer unique gift ideas, I’ve come up with the perfect solution–4-corner Aprons.  To streamline my sewing progress on these projects, I work in phases. Phases?  What do I mean?  It’s is simply a way to organize my time, energy and effort.

There are basically three phrases.  Phase 1 involves planning, specifically, gathering my supplies (fabric and notions). Phase 2 involves cutting out all pieces for each apron. Phase 3 involves the actual construction (sewing) of each apron.  Working in phases affords ease and speed in completing each project.

I completed four of these aprons over the past weekend.



Four-Corner Aprons

This weekend was quite a productive weekend.  My sewing machine kept humming throughout the Saturday and Sunday.  These aprons are a delight to sew.  Each one took me between 3 to 4 hours to construct.

I work on these in phases.  Phase one–select primary fabric (I look for an captivating print) and then a complimentary or contrasting solid for the back lining and trim.  Once this phase is complete is on to Phase two.  I cut out my pattern pieces for each apron.  Phase three is the actually sewing.  Easy, peasy!

I think these would make great gifts, don’t you?

Christmas Bells Are Ringing

My on-the-road projects propelled me into another crafty burst of creativity.  In the down time, I search for patterns (knit, crochet, or sewing).  Searching for inspiration, I decided to try a Christmas Bell motif square.  Once this decision mas made I found myself searching through my yarn stash.  Oh, so many choices!  But, which one would be the most appropriate.  Spying a skein of yellow cotton yarn, I instantly knew this would be the best for Christmas Bells.

Soon, the living room filled with the soft clicking of my metal knitting needles.  The first dishcloth soon fell off the needles.  Pleasantly pleased, I quickly started on another.  The my curiosity started acting up as I contemplated images of variegated Christmas Bells.

In the picture below, the yellow does not actually capture the yellow hue.  It is a lot brighter.


These will be added to my inventory.  I wonder what design, Christmas-theme, will catch my eye.

Happy Knitting!

On-The-Road Project

August is a great time to enjoy a road trip and that is exactly what our family did.  We packed up the van, our two lovely King Charles Cavalier sweethearts, and headed out on a seven-day road trip.  We call ourselves the Happy Wanderers.  My hubby, usually does the driving and I am his navigator.  Once our course is set, I can relax and enjoy the scenery.

As I enjoy the scenery, I also love to use this time to keep my fingers busy with a small knit or crochet project.  For this trip, I wanted to continue with my current trend–cotton dishcloths.  In particular, I decided to work on Christmas motifs using just knit and purl stitches.  By the time I returned home, I had eight dishcloths to add to my inventory.

The motifs include a Christmas tree, a Christmas Sock, and a Candy Cane.


Just prior to launching our road trip, I had a dishcloth started so I finished that one first.  The light lavender dishcloth is done in the Bee Stitch.  The texture is quite nice.


Don’t forget to block each dishcloth to give it a polished finishing look.

Now, on to the next project.

Grape Soda Knit Throw

Tuesday, July 25th, found me nestled in my favorite chair with a movie playing in the background, beginning a new project.  This is a handy project to keep your hands moving while enjoying a movie marathon day or just kicking back and enjoying music. As you know my now, I’m partial to Bernat Blanket Yarn.  This yarn is a 100% polyester. The yarn weight is Super Bulky (#6) which by the sound of it seems heavy; however, it is quite lightweight.

When I stumbled onto a new variety–Blanket strips, I quickly purchased pink stripes, blue stripes and lavender stripes.  Well on Wednesday, August 3rd, I finished the last knit throw–the lavender stripes.  It took me me 10 days to complete this throw.


The finished project measures 45 x 47 inches.  It was done in a simple garter stitch.  To recreate this project use a size 10 circular needle and cast on 100 stitches.  Then settle back and get into a rhythm clicking out those knit stitches.  It took three skeins

This project is a perfect unisex throw for a special loved one and makes a perfect gift for a baby/toddler or a lap afghan for a teenager or a throw for granny.  It is also very easy to launder as it is machine washable and dryable.  Wash in cool water on delicate setting.  Tumble dry at low heat also on delicate cycle.  Do not dry clean or use bleach.


Fast Knit Medley of Dishcloths

Knitting dishcloths is a practical and great way to hone your skill on a new technique or stitch.  Lilly Cotton (Sugar and Cream) is the yarn I enjoy working with as it comes in a myriad of colors.  It also allows you to have a bit of variety when working on larger projects.

A project, which I posted  earlier this month, involved knitting on the diagonal on this pattern known as Grandmother’s Favorite Dishcloth. This quick and easy pattern allows you to improve your tension with yarn overs.


Using the same pattern,  and experimenting with color definitely gives you a different effect.  The orange dishcloth has an single crocheted edging. I decided not to do an edging for the second one.

Once, I got comfortable with this pattern, I looked for something a bit more challenging.  I also wanted a totally different look,  so I looked for a textured stitch like a moss stitch.  I wanted one that would be easy to do and found one using just the knit and purl stitch.  I liked this one as it makes its own border


A little more research brought me to another patterned known as Farmhouse Kitchen Knitted Dishcloths.  i like the way this pattern makes individual rows.  Originally, the pattern called for 30 stitches and that is what I did when knitting the tangerine dishcloth.  As a result, it turned out much smaller.  This worked out nicely as it allowed me to use one to use for my partial skeins. The end product fits nicely in my hand so I guess it will work.  The yellow ombre one is larger as I added 10 more stitches for my cast on, making a cast on of 40 stitches.


A waffle stitch makes a great dishcloth.  Check this out! Can you imagine how delighted I was to find a striped yarn made by Lily.


The possibilities are endless.  All it takes is a bit of experimenting to come up with unique pieces.  Check out what happened with variegated cotton yarn worked in a moss stitch pattern.

Won’t you join me in sharing some of your creations with cotton dishcloths.  Stay tune to further updates as I discover more patterns and stitches.

Shaded Purple Lap Throw

Progress Update #1–Here, at the end of my first skein, my throw measures 15 inches in length.  I’ll update you at the end of the second skein.  Let’s see how long it will take me to work through the second skein.

IMG_0776throw-purple stripes

The Big Reveal!!!

So, here it is–The Big Reveal!  I set a new goal for my crafting endeavors–in 2018, I will participate in another craft fair.  So, with this commitment, I now need to build my inventory.  Those of you who follow my blog, know that I’ve made several different afghans.  Some are for toddlers, babies, adult and even lap throws.  Working on afghans is a lengthy process that depends on the size of the finished afghan.  Steady knitting can lead to boredom.  Hence, the desire to find quick and easy projects.

What type of project fits this bill?  Dishcloths.  Why dishcloths?  They are a quick project and a great skill building tool for practicing new stitch patterns.  They are versatile and portable and can be worked on practically anywhere.  They make great gifts–hostess gifts, housewarming gifts, or shower gifts.  They are environmentally friendly.

knitted dishcloths

Earlier in the year, I made about a dozen of these.  This particular trio is done in a motif pattern of a rose.  The best type of yarn to use for these is 100% cotton.  I like to work with Sugar ‘n Cream cotton yarn by Lily.

A friend of mine, recently shared a dishcloth she got as a thank you gift.  It was quite different from the patterns I’ve collected.  Needless to say, I became quite intrigued in identifying the pattern.  After researching various online sites, I identified it as an easy knit pattern known as “Grandmother’s Favorite Wash Cloth.”  It is worked on the diagonal using yarn overs at the start of each row as a way to increase your stitches.  This is very similar to knitting a triangular shawl.

In two days, I knitted five dishcloths, using this pattern–2 red ones and three shaded green ones.

Now, to return to my dishcloth knitting.  I’m going to practice a new pattern.

Happy Knitting!

Cool Blue Pool Striped Throw


 What is a better way to knit and enjoy summer than working with Bernat Blanket Strip, 100% Polyester Super Bulky Yarn.  You’d think  working with this yarn would not be enjoyable during these very hot months of summer, but it isn’t.  

For those of you who have not worked with this type of yarn, I wanted to show you want the skein looks like.  It is wound in the shape of a wheel.  This is a top-down view to allow you to get a better idea of the striping pattern.  The only problem I ran into is that sometimes the transition occurs mid row.  Personally, I prefer starting a new strip at the beginning of a row.  But, alas, that is just my personal preference.  The neat thing about this type of striping yarn is the evenness of the strips.

Each skein is 10.5 ounces.  I used three of these to yield a throw with finished measurements of 46 by 46 inches.

Washing instructions are simple.  Just toss in the washer using the gentle cycle.  My friends and customers who have purchased other blankets made of this yarn tell me that it is best to air dry it and then toss in the dry just to fluffy.

The best selling point for these projects is that this Super Bulky yarn is light and fluffy.  The feedback I’ve gotten is “ooooh!  It is so soft and comfy.”

I highly recommend this yarn.  Great feel!  Easy to work with!  Easy to care for!

Razamataz Baby Blanket

Tried a new type of yarn called Bernat Blanket Strips (Yarnspiration).  This is a polyester yarn and is considered Super Bulky (6).  This type of yarn is bundled different.  Each skein resembles a wheel.  It looks like this.  IMG_1991

This one will be another blanket.  It knits well and is easy to work with.  I like to use a Size 10 circular needle when working with this heavy a yarn.

My finished blanket is 47 by 47 inches.  My cast on is 100 stitches and the blanket is worked in a simple garter stitch.


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